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Friday BP, 5/18/2018

Friday morning news dump

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Some injury updates for you this morning, from yesterday afternoon.

First up, we have Madison Bumgarner, who is getting closer and closer to his rehab assignment:

Next up is Mark Melancon, who threw live bullpen today and Mac Williamson in the wrist with a pitch. But he’s okay, folks! He’s okay.

Speaking of Williamson, here’s some good news about him. You might want to start scoping out some River Cats tickets.

A wild Joe Panik update for you.

And finally, some thoughts about Hunter Pence, who is working on his swing in Sacramento:

At least it was good news on all fronts - for the most part. No word on Johnny Cueto but I wouldn’t expect there to be yet. The team continues to hang in there in the division, maintaining a tenuous grip on roughly a .500 record as they wait out this slew of injuries. It will hopefully be paying off for them very soon, and that’s some exciting Friday morning news.