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SF Giants 2018 Draft Preview: 2.5 Weeks Left

Is Joey Bart a sure thing at this point?

As my good friend Roger posted yesterday,

That’s it, right? We can pack it all up, and go home, because the Giants are clearly going to draft Joey Bart, right? Fangraphs is only the latest to make this connection, and for the last week, Bart’s been the hot name. And while some Giants fans are a little, well, meh on him…

I admit, Bart doesn’t excite me too much, because the bat isn’t at the some level as someone like Bohm. But the defense is superior at a key defensive position, and let’s face it, we’re a team that is going to start developing catchers like it’s the antithesis of developing left fielders.

That all said, the one thing I’ve learned about drafts is this.

Is everyone saying the Giants are going to take Bart?

Well, they aren’t taking Bart.

And this isn’t about the Giants being close to the vest or anything. It’s that this spot in the draft is going to be too easy to blow up. No one can predict this. Let me give you five other names and the reason why we’ll hear them in a little over two weeks.

  1. Alec Bohm, 3B - If the Giants are going hard after Bart, the Phillies seem to be just as in on Bohm. And while pissing off Phillies fans is an amazing reason in and of itself, the real reason is that drafting Bohm will give the Giants the excuse to move Jacob Gonzalez to LF sooner rather than later.
  2. Brady Singer, RHP - Because Singer is simply the highest floor in the draft, arguably even higher than Casey Mize. If you’re drafting this high, don’t mess it up.
  3. Casey Mize, RHP - What if all this scouting of Bart is just the Giants going all reverse-Kevin Costner on the draft, making everyone think there’s something really right with Bart, and tricking the Tigers into taking Bart and letting Mize fall to #2? Don’t tell me you don’t think Sabean is capable of such machinations.
  4. Jonathan India, SS/3B - He’s not exactly Bohm, but India’s got the right helium at the right time, and could be the hot pick on the night that picks actually get made.
  5. Ryan Rolison, LHP - Because the Giants want to watch the world burn in the comments on McC.

Also Of Note From The FanGraphs Mock Draft

If you didn’t click on the link up above, go ahead and click it here. I’m just pointing it out because FanGraphs adds:

Skyscraping Kentucky RHP Sean Hjelle is a target in the second round.

Told ya so.

Jim Callis Has His Mock Draft Up, Too

Before you click that link, just try and guess who the Giants are said to be picking. Try.

Or I could let Jim spoil it for you.

Callis had some good thoughts on other Giants-connected names in his draft tweet chat. Let me highlight some big ones.

Perfect Game Mock Draft v2.0

This is an interesting direction to predict the Giants going after this week: Carter Stewart. It’s not that Stewart isn’t a possibility, his name has just been not mentioned much lately.

The Sporting News has a Mock Draft For You

I remember when I loved The Sporting News and thought their word was the one to listen to in sports. I was young. Or maybe they just got old. Anyways, they have released their own MLB mock draft, and….they seem to be two weeks behind. They have the Giants taking Liberatore, Bart going #6, Hankins just behind him at #7, and Alec Bohm at #12.

Maybe they’re just being trendy going with first impressions?

Speaking of Liberatore

He’s still in that mix, despite The Sporting News.

Next week, Roger and I will chat up the Giants choices with just a couple of weeks left.