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Tuesday BP, 5/15/18

Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Chris Stratton has “fallen back to Earth”, but at this point, doesn’t it just make sense to expect that the starting pitching and most of the relief corps will be bad? Maybe it’s the part of me that’s quick to write people off and cut them out of my life, but I think the Giants should be focusing on scoring as many runs as possible and not worry about getting guys out... since they can’t.

To that end:

I understand that you need to get 27 outs most of the time to simply end a ballgame, and last night’s game showed how a huge lead can evaporate quickly, even when you score 10 runs, but the Giants do have a strength in the farm system right now, and it’s in the outfield and possibly on the infield. Why insist on 13 pitchers when most of them are worse than what you need when you can have 13 hitters, most of whom are serviceable?