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Alen Hanson placed on disabled list, Austin Slater called up.

The Giants’ best power hitter (Bruce Bochy’s words!) won’t recover from his low hamstring injury anytime soon, forcing the Giants to call up an outfielder who can sometimes play second base.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we did it, everybody. We got Austin Slater called up finally, and all it took was losing Alen Hanson to the DL. Fair trade? Absolutely not.

In true 2018 fashion, Bruce Bochy publicly stated that the injury would cause the player to be out for only a day or two but it wound up transforming into an actual trip to the disabled list. In all previous instances of this sequence, that DL stint has stretched out beyond the expected return timetable, so, if you see anything about Hanson not needing to stay on the DL beyond the 10 days, figure he’ll be out 20 days.

Every time the Giants seem to get a spark, the senseless primordial void of suck snuffs it out. Austin Slater has been hitting well in AAA, and we can only hope that he knows to avoid the bullpen mounds at this point. Oh, what’s that? You don’t appreciate my gallows humor? Fair enough.

The Giants needed to get Slater on the roster, but it comes at the expense of a surprise offensive standout, one of the few power & speed guys they have in the entire organization. Playing at home might help the pitching some and Slater in the lineup consistently might offset Hansen’s loss a bit, but every time the Giants seem like they’re about to make headway, they suddenly find themselves fighting to stay afloat.

Is that a metaphor for life? I don’t know. I’m genuinely asking.