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Last night’s long replay review was the best comedy of the year.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s game was remarkable in that so many bad things happened to the Giants — who definitely deserve everything that’s happening to them but for reasons we’ll never fully understand — and yet, it was one of those games you don’t quite want to forget.

Pittsburgh’s outpour of love and affection for McCutchen was simply beautiful and represented the best of fandom and Baseball. The Giants’ inability to stop striking out at the plate, getting hits with runners in scoring position, or get out major league hitters isn’t affected in any way by their opponent. They’re simply unwatchably bad against every team now — again, deservedly so, and for reasons we’ll never fully understand.

But as good and bad as those two things were, what stood out most to me was the lengthy replay review in the bottom of the sixth inning after Andrew McCutchen had thrown out Colin Moran at home plate. Thankfully, MLB has posted the entire sequence and made it embeddable. So, you can rewatch it all here.

I’ve given you this long windup when everything you need to know is in the headline. The long and multiple reaction shots during this replay review — they were all watching the replay on a loop right there on the stadium screens — are hilarious.

Let’s begin.

Reaction Face Theater begins at the 1:02 mark, and it’s simply glorious. I have compiled the key images into this gallery below: