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Saturday BP, 5/12/18

Great teams handle adversity. They usually aren’t wholly responsible for it, but this is a new age.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to try to name all the former Pirates currently on the Giants off the top of my head: Hunter Strickland, Gorkys Hernandez, Alen Hanson, Mark Melancon, Tony Watson, Ron Wotus, Hensley Meulens, Shawon Dunston, Andrew McCutchen.

Did I get them all?

I think the answer’s within Kerry Crowley’s write-up from yesterday’s pre-game interview involving McCutchen and the Pittsburgh press.

Meanwhile, this was a nice video tribute for McCutchen.

Finally, the Giants did not trade Nick Hundley for Matt Harvey (which I imagine would’ve been the trade New York sought) which is all well and good, because the Giants need Nick Hundley... they’re really nothing without him... and Matt Harvey is a huge distraction and even huger question mark in terms of pitching. Even though the Giants need pitching and will do whatever it takes to add more pitchers, even if it means handicapping the offense — which they also need. But I digress.

Matt Harvey is scheduled to start on Wednesday afternoon at AT&T Park. Tickets are still available and should you consider going to any of the games back in San Francisco this week, you can get them on StubHub. I think watching the Giants live is probably better than watching them on TV, because hearing the sound hard batted balls make in person is a thrilling experience.