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Important: Friday is the 10-year anniversary of Steve Holm’s Duane Kuiper Game

Doesn’t it make sense to call the game when a former Giant hits the only home run of their career a Duane Kuiper Game?

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

As Janie McAuley tells it:

Steve Holm entered the game as a defensive replacement at catcher, then delivered the biggest hit of the day.

Holm hit a go-ahead, two-run drive in the seventh inning for his first major league home run, and the San Francisco Giants held on for a 4-3 victory in the rubber game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday.

Holm homered in his first at-bat on the first pitch he saw from J.C. Romero (3-1) after replacing Bengie Molina in the top of the seventh, sending the ball into the seats in left-center. Romero had allowed only one homer in his previous 61 appearances and came in with an 0.63 ERA over his first 17 outings of 2008.

via SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee:

(Post-game recap not available.)

Oh man... remember when this site would sometimes not have a post-game recap? Instead, I found this:

I have to admit... I might remember this recurring bit? But not really?

Nothing happens when you try to pull up the video on, unfortunately. 2-run Holmer would’ve been a better title than Holm’s homer, though.

Steve Holm is now the pitching coach at Purdue.

He’s also on Twitter.

Of course, beloved broadcaster Duane Kuiper hit only one home run in his career. I wonder if it’s anything like how Moonlight Graham felt playing in only one game. In that case, you work so hard to make it and you get one shot. In the case of the home run, you take so many swings and you get one home run for all that effort.

In any case, I propose we call it a Duane Kuiper Game. And, congratulations to Steve Holm. It’s very cool to hit a home run in Major League Baseball.