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Pablo Sandoval — in shirt form!

BreakingT is back with a shirt you will want to buy for everyone in your family and for your progeny.

via BreakingT

There’s a rumor I can’t verify that’s floating around out there saying Pablo Sandoval’s curveball has the best spin rate of any curveball thrown this year. I can’t prove that’s true about the spin rate, but I can prove this post contains something you’ll want for the top of your next spin cycle.

With the full blessing of the MLB Players’ Association, here it is: the shirt you want...

Brought to us by our friends at BreakingT, who you’ll recall made this Andrew McCutchen shirt last month. They’re marking occasions with memorable shirts and I’m happy to post them because, well, I usually want them... especially this one.

Of course I want to see this shirt on a Giants telecast later this season, but also in, like, 2022... or 2028, right at the tale end of Heliot Ramos’s brief yet amazing career. I want to see it pop up in random movies that take place in San Francisco, or better yet — movies that have nothing to do with the city. It was an incredible moment and one worth remembering in this fine cotton tee.

Order now and you can get it before his next relief appearance.