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Carmen’s Garlic Tater Tot Taste Test (Official)

It’s the debut segment of “Where In The Park Is Carmen San Francisco?”

Carmen Kiew

If you’ve been following along on Twitter, word on the street is that Bon Appetit has made some changes to the dining options at AT&T Park, including the Chicken Tenders:

If anyone is dying to know, yes, they are now different, as confirmed by Bon Appetit’s twitter account:

This got me thinking about how integral food is to my whole ballpark experience. Yes, baseball is always going to be the primary focus but what if want something that doesn’t taste like bland soggy cardboard (I’m looking at you, Chicken Tenders 2.0)?

AT&T Park has expanded their menu options by offering things like garlic tater tots, acai bowls, and soft serve this year. I’m here to test them out for you on camera so you can either spend your hard-earned doll hairs on it or save your money for traditional ballpark favorites like the Cha Cha Bowl or a good ol’ crab sando.

First on the docket is the garlic tater tots. I was especially intrigued by this offering because:

a) carbs

b) garlic

c) fried


Check out my first impressions of the garlic tot offered by the Organic Coup (home of the fried chicken sandwich and other fried poultry options). Oh and because this is the internet and I know I’m gonna get roasted in the comments section for my video quality and production skills, allow me to get ahead of it by just putting this out there:

  • Yeah, I shot in vertical mode. I’m sorry. Horizontal mode on an iphone makes me look at the screen, not the lens and to me that is a greater crime than vertical video. I’m going to try to be better in my next video guys, I promise.
  • I say “sauce” a lot. Sauce.
  • Shaky camera mode because my tripod imploded right before I left my house
  • I will try to use more descriptive terms other than “mmmmm...” next time

Will you guys be trying out the garlic tots? Let me know what you think of them because I want to know if I have flawed taste buds.