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Wednesday BP, 4/4/18

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This morning’s prompt:

Hunter Pence’s name sprang to mind immediately. I’ve wondered all season what it would take for the Giants to bench him. I wonder what it would take for Bruce Bochy, specifically, to bench him. And if Duggar were to come up, would he even get regular playing time? Would his first 0-for-4 get a long benching? Probably. The team knows their manager well enough to know that he’s ready to go back to a veteran at his earliest convenience.

The Duggar talk is exciting because it’s been a while since the Giants have had a prospect, especially an outfielder, make so much noise that they’ve had to consider bringing him up so early in a season.

Also, I’m making a pledge to myself to limit the Brandon Belt is getting hosed talk. He’s been treated a certain way by the manager for several years now and as long as the manager remains the same, so will the treatment. I say this because Hank Schulman tweeting out that Pablo Sandoval might’ve started today to face Felix Hernandez were it not for Evan Longoria’s home run really burns me and makes it hard for me to not draw a line from that idea to reasons behind why Belt gets benched as often as he does. In any case, we’ve seen this all before and I shouldn’t be so surprised, so, I’m just going to stop.

One last thing:

Franchise “fun facts” are supposed to make us feel good or at least think, “Hunh. Interesting.”, but the variety of “fun facts” we’ve had about the late-2016 to present day Giants have been of the “Oof, that sucks” variety. I would like that trend to reverse itself and I’d like not to believe the bad fun facts are forecasts of a bad full season.