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The Padres’ curse is still in effect, can the Giants shake it?

The following contains wild speculation and conjecture. Enjoy!

87th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In July of last year, I wrote a piece somewhat slandering the Padres and blaming them for the woes the Giants had faced since the 2016 All Star Game, which was held in San Diego.

Since that game, the Giants have won exactly one series against the Padres. That series was won on a Pablo Sandoval walk-off home run to end the 2017 season. Considering the fact that that win cost the Giants the number one pick in the 2018 draft, that series doesn’t count. That was a stealth loss on the Padres’ part.

The Giants have lost every other series to the Padres. THE PADRES! The one team that is usually the most reliable, in terms of allowing us to say “Well, at least we’re doing better than the Padres.”

In early 2016, the Giants swept the Padres three times before the break. Johnny Cueto had two shut outs against them. On top of Tim Lincecum’s no-hitters, that could have been their breaking point.

I’m not saying they did anything, and I’m definitely not implying that they contracted the services of a witch to curse the Giants. However, the 2016 Giants before the San Diego All Star Game were juggernauts. Since then, they’ve been...

/gestures vaguely at the last year and a half

You know.

The Giants have been doing pretty well over the last week. They’ve won three series in a row, the first of which was the first they’d won all season. They’ve been on a roll. One could say they’ve been doing too well, if that one were the Padres, looking in on their investment to see how the curse is holding up. And guess who’s coming into town today? Seems pretty shady.

As usual, I’m not saying, I’m just saying. The only way for the Padres to prove that they didn’t hire a witch to curse the Giants would be for them to get swept in this series.

Your move, gentlemen.