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Tuesday BP, 4/3/18

Some more site news before some old site news.

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants
This was the image that came up when I typed in “old news”
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

This might start to take the form of whatever the writer wants it to be. I’m not all that interested in posting random links I find, but maybe another person will. For now, I’ll just say good morning, and here’s today’s BP...

Our very own Sami., a.k.a. Sami Higgins, has been elevated from site contributor to Deputy Site Manager. This happened as soon as I began my current position and she’s been tremendously valuable from the moment she began. She’ll be writing a whole lot more and managing certain other areas of the site as they take shape.

One of those areas will be in the social media space. Carmen Kiew of The Internet and KNBR has agreed to be the site’s Social Media Manager. For now, she’ll be doing fun stuff like running the @McCoveyChron twitter account this afternoon while she’s at the game and doing weekly posts.

I sleep a lot easier knowing there are good people coming aboard to keep the line moving and I’m confident you’ll like what Sami and Carmen bring to the table.

I definitely miss having the time to contemplate and punch-up whatever random or weird posts I think up, but yesterday’s Bochy face-related article was the closest I’ve come to scratching that particular itch in a while and while I don’t think it was all that great (the .gif did all the heavy lifting), I still appreciated the what-I-perceived-to-be subtweet from Johnny Cueto and/or the Giants’ Twitter account (please note the timestamps):

It’s a reminder to watch my tone and who I sass because people are reading (headlines, anyway) — for now. And if I’m wrong and this is just my ego talking, then please, call me out on it.

If you missed the tweet yesterday, Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles fame announced he has a new weekly column over at SB Nation’s baseball site. It’s called Grant Land and I legitimately thought he was kidding until I clicked the link. It’s an excellent debut column and not just because Grant wrote it. The commentary on the Jose Altuve image is the type of thing I strive for in my baseball analysis. So, yeah, go read that, and then come back over here. Doug and Sami have posts coming this morning before the GameThread, so look for those, too.