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Sandoval pitches the ninth and Law scores a run in Giants blowout loss to Dodgers, 15-6

Baseball is weird and there are still at least nine innings to go.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game One Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Giants lost a blowout to the Dodgers, 15-6. I could talk about how bad this game was, but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for the good stuff.

Pablo Sandoval pitched the best inning of the game for the Giants and Derek Law scored a run. Up is down, down is up, cats and dogs are living together.

There were a few “text your friends” moments of weird baseball in this game. When it became clear that Roberto Gomez was going to be the pseudo starter, though, his at bats didn’t count. Derek Law, however, only had one. And it was a good one.

Law got a single in the seventh inning, and scored on an Alen Hanson three-run homer in his first at-bat with the team. However, this only brought the Giants to five runs and they were still down by seven. Offense was not going to redeem this game. The Giants were never going to win this game. They lost in the second inning and due to a clerical error, were forced to play the other seven innings.

HOWEVER, there was intrigue to be found late in the game.

Going into this game, the Giants had the longest drought of position players pitching. The last time it happened was Greg Litton in 1991. Alen Hanson and Chris Stratton are they youngest members of the team that played today and they were both born in 1992. It’s been a while.

Fans have long clamored to see Brandon Belt pitch. Belt himself has long clamored to pitch. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was not to be.

However, in what may be one of the highlights of the beat writers’ careers, they got to announce this:

This was the real “text your friends” moment that the game needed. It was a moment many of us thought we might never again get to see: A Giants position player pitching.

His fastball topped out at about 88 mph, and he was throwing a pretty nice curveball.

Pavlovic noted that when asked where he learned that curveball, Sandoval said “You don’t learn that, you’re born with it.” And added that Bruce Bochy chose Sandoval because he can pitch right or left handed, saying “I knew he had a pretty good delivery. I didn’t know it was quite this clean.”

In a game that featured zero clean innings by Giants pitchers, Pablo Sandoval came in and shut the Dodgers down in order for the first time in the game.

And that is saying something. The Giants couldn’t buy an out for most of this game. Chris Stratton had nothing working for him in what was the worst start of his career. People often argue over the difference between command and control, but today, Stratton had neither. He was behind in every count, walked four (including one for a run) and didn’t make it out of the second inning.

Gomez and Law were basically thrown to the wolves, but the wolves had bats. And rang them up for three and six runs respectively. Cory Gearrin came in and got a couple of outs in the eighth inning, but no one made it look as easy as Pablo.

In the Giants’ best pitching performance of the day, Sandoval got three ground balls for three outs in just 11 pitches, eight of which were strikes.

The real losers of this game are everyone who left the yard or changed the channel. Sure, the Giants gave up 15 runs for the second time in three games. And yes, they still have to play another one tonight.

But you only get so many chances to be a part of history.

Additionally, though blowouts are awful, they do come with some benefits. Especially when they happen in the first game of a double-header. Though the game was almost excruciatingly long, the Giants were able to start benching starters early to rest them for the second game. They didn’t have to use many of their pitchers (condolences to Gomez and Law) and they got a feel-good moment to end the game on, which will help with morale going into the second game.

So, while the table resets, and the Giants get ready to do this all over again in less than two hours, hopefully with better results, let’s throw it over to our own Carmen Kiew for a little levity to close this one out: