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Saturday BP, 4/28/18

Rivalry Chat

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the last Giants vs. Dodgers series we’ll have for a little while, and though we were not looking forward to facing them ten times in the first month, it’s a little sad now that it’s drawing to a close, since we won’t see them again for a...

Well, we’ll see them once in June and once in July, but after that, that’s it until the last weekend of the season.

I’m always curious about everyone’s favorite rivalry stories.

So, the best Giants vs. Dodgers game I ever went to was September 16th, 2010, a Jonathan Sanchez start. I was working for a law firm in the north bay at the time, and the partners would purchase a big group of tickets every year and do a raffle drawing for anyone who wanted to go.

My brother was home on leave from the Army, shortly after he returned from being deployed in Iraq. He used to work with me at the law firm, and I was able to get him a ticket for the game as well.

So it was already a big party, everyone was happy to see my brother, he was happy to go to a game, and we were all happy to be seeing the Giants vs. the Dodgers. Sadly, my brother believed he was cursed, because every game he went to in person was a game that the team he was rooting for lost. Giants, Red Sox, didn’t matter. If he was rooting for them, they lost.

But not this day! The Giants knocked around the Dodgers for a 10-2 win, putting them in first place in the division, allowing us to watch the flag being raised. And, as we all know, the Giants went on to win the World Series for the first time just a few weeks later, so it felt like we got to be a small part of the run.

It’s always fun to watch the Giants beat the Dodgers, but getting to see all of that with my brother, so soon after his deployment, was special. And I think it’s still the last game we’ve gone to together - it would be hard to top at this point.

What are your favorite in-person Giants vs. Dodgers memories?