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Giants Bingo Game

A little game to make watching the Giants game from your couch more fun.

Sometimes going to the game isn’t an option or I just can’t bring myself to put on pants with a zipper or any sort of restricting waistline.

That’s okay (is it though?) because we’ve created a Giants bingo card specifically designed for when you’re feeling like a lazy piece of crap but still want to feel like you’re doing something when in reality, you are definitely not.

The rules are:

  1. Mark off things as they happen
  2. Five in a row wins
  3. Be liberal with your interpretation of the boxes because why not
  4. Buster Posey’s weird facial expression is a freebie
  5. Incorporate alcohol if desired
  6. Substitute alcohol for cheese fries if desired
  7. If you win, your prize is that someone from McCovey Chronicles will high five you the next time they see you*

*prizes not guaranteed

To download a pdf of the above, click here

If y’all actually like this, I’ll be sure to make more versions or specific series versions so you can keep it caliente when you watch the game at home.

Make sure to tweet Grant relentlessly if you win demanding your prize.