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Friday BP, 4/26/18

Arizona Diamondbacks  v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Giants have a double-header this weekend against the Dodgers, extending their three-game series to four in three days to make up for a rain delay from earlier this month.

In these situations, of course, they can call up a little help. So it would make sense to call up, say, Andrew Suarez to start one of the games so that they don’t mess up the rotation.

However, the Giants have opted to keep the rotation going, including both games of the double-header, which leaves them in a position where they will likely need to call someone up on Tuesday or start Derek Holland on short rest.

This decision seems odd to me. Why not call up the help when it’s free to do so (without having to make any corresponding moves)?

Perhaps they’re doing this because it’s a weekend Dodgers series and they want to have their best chance to win. Fair enough. That’s prime money-making time.

Or maybe there are already plans for a move on Tuesday. Osich, maybe? Who knows! Stay tuned...