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Madison Bumgarner is a work of art.

Late in the afternoon, we’re still on that video game tip.

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San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On the heels of video games + Giants, I stumbled across this on the internet:

I screamed. The neighbors called the police because they thought I had been murdered. When the police arrived, I showed them this and they screamed. The neighbors came rushing in thinking the police had been murdered by whoever murdered me. I showed them this and they asked, “Who did they use for the Dodgers?” and I laughed and said, “Joc Pederson.

We laughed for a good long while.

I’m not a fan of every 8-bit recreation that’s out there, but I do appreciate a good one when I see it. This definitely tickles the nostalgia nerve both for old school video game systems and old school left-handed pitchers my favorite baseball team desperately needs back as soon as possible.

Anyway, check out this Etsy store I have no affiliation with and hope like hell isn’t problematic in some way I hadn’t considered.