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Brandon Belt’s Inspirational Poster

You’ve heard the whole “process vs. results” argument, but have you ever just stayed in the moment of process... to process?

San Francisco Giants  v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

I’m a bad artist and an even worse graphic designer, but I was so inspired by Brandon Belt’s historic at bat on Sunday that I felt compelled to do something to commemorate it.

The thing is, Brandon Belt gets dumped on a lot. Much has been asked of him, even more expected of him, and he’s both delivered and not delivered throughout his career. I saw that at bat as a refutation of those who have reduced him to a disappointment, a rallying cry for his offensively challenged teammates, and a summation of what life is all about. So I made this poster and included a quote from a post-game interview.

Those are supposed to be cleats on the giraffe’s feet. And that, uh, that’s supposed to be a giraffe instead of Belt because of, you know, likeness issues and all that. The rest of it... well, you can probably copy-save this and make it better. You can ignore it entirely, even. But I think should consider internalizing that Belt quote and at least considering everything that happened in that strike zone chart.

Brandon Belt “failed” in that he didn’t succeed in getting on base. He didn’t “succeed” because he didn’t strike out though, either. He succeeded because he tried. Laugh if you must, but trying — besides being the first step towards failing — is what it’s all about. It’s why we’re here. It’s how we’re here. We can pull all sorts of life lessons from the game of baseball — such as never bunt, lefties can’t hit lefties, and Boston media will always run you out of town because everyone in Boston is a monster — but the most important lesson is that you just can’t stop.

Sure, success can be a carrot if you need motivation, but I can tell you that a goal of any kind is usually reason enough. Brandon Belt could’ve tried to hit a home run. He could’ve tried to not strike out. Instead, he just tried to do the best he could. That counts for a lot.

So, if you’re feeling glum and like you’re in a rut, look at this poorly made inspirational poster and consider giving yourself a break. It’ll happen. You’ll be okay. Just keep trying.