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Morning BP, 4/24/18

San Franciso Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Chris Stratton and Mac Williamson were both 2012 draftees (rounds 1 and 3, respectively) and after all the justified hand wringing over the years about how the Giants have done themselves a disservice by not developing talent at the minor league level, we have two strong outlier examples. It only took six years... but nobody said baseball player development was precision science.

Here was Grant on Stratton at the time of the draft:

I would have preferred Marcus Stroman, just like I preferred Kyle Drabek to Tim Lincecum, Beau Mills to Madison Bumgarner, and Justin Smoak to Buster Posey.

A couple of years later, before the 2014 draft, Grant did a review of this same 2012 draft:

Mac Williamson is out for the season following Tommy John, but he’s still one of the Giants’ best (only) hitting prospects. Steven Okert took an in-season tumble down the draft boards while at Oklahoma, and the Giants look pretty cagey by swooping on him in the fourth round, as the lefty is doing quite well as a closer in San Jose. Matt Duffy is hitting .313/.371/.400 in Richmond, which translates to about .380/.498/.903 in another league, so even if he can’t stick at shortstop, keep an eye on him.

Trevor Brown was the only other player from the 2012 draft to do anything with the big league team.

What I’m saying is, expect big things from Tyler Beede, Austin Slater, and Aramis Garcia in 2020.