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Stratton and Williamson propel Giants to 4-2 win over Nationals

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Stratton pitched a great game, but it is once again Mac Williamson who stole the show, knocking in three of the Giants’ four runs and making some noise with a huge swing in the sixth inning.

On a first pitch fastball from new pitcher Shawn Kelley (who was in after Brandon Belt reached on a walk), Williamson crushed one to the opposite field. You could almost hear a little extra something as it left his bat.

Mac: /swings


/”The Next Episode” begins playing

Woman in crowd: “By god, that’s Barry Bonds’ music!”

That’s right, Williamson hit that ball to Bonds Town, population: dead baseballs. At 112mph, traveling 464 feet, this one sailed well up into the bleachers above Triple’s Alley.

To put this in some perspective: It was a cold night at the park and known baseball destroyer, Bryce Harper, hit a ball out to Williamson on the left field warning track, essentially getting AT&T’d. So it really makes Williamson’s look more impressive by comparison. It’s fun to laugh at opposing players getting screwed by the ballpark instead of our own, for a change.

Mac was nearly a one-man offense tonight. Earlier in the game, with Evan Longoria on third and Belt on second after a double in the fourth, Williamson drove in the first run of the game as well on a fielder’s choice RBI where everyone reached safely.

Buster Posey went 2-for-3 with a walk, with one of his hits driving in Andrew McCutchen (who doubled) for the Giants’ second run of the night.

Meanwhile, on defense, Chris Stratton was excellent again tonight. Going 6.2 innings with four hits, two runs, three walks and five strike outs.

Stratton got into a bit of trouble, though not of his own making, in the sixth inning. With one out and Harper at the plate, Longoria (who was playing towards shortstop) attempted to catch a pop up foul on the third base side and dropped it, which earned him an error for his trouble and was a missed opportunity for an easy out against a tough batter.

Harper then walked and Ryan Zimmerman came up to bat. Zimmerman hit it right to McCutchen, who flat out dropped the ball (to the loud consternation of a very vocally disappointed Jon Miller on the radio), which allowed Harper and Zimmerman to reach third and second respectively with only the one out.

Easy to be a little miffed by all that, but Stratton kept it together, striking out Matt Adams and getting Howie Kendrick to fly out to center field. An amazing performance under pressure and you can bet he’s got two free dinners coming his way from his teammates for keeping their errors from backfiring.

Sam Dyson came into the game with two out and one on in the seventh and got a quick out, followed by Tony Watson who pitched a scoreless eighth. Then, despite his best efforts to the contrary, Hunter Strickland did not blow the save. It was touch and go there, as it has been the last couple of times Strickland has entered. If The Hunter Strickland Experience were a ride at Disneyland, I would have to ask to be let off the ride due to queasiness.

However, he got the job done and the Giants have now won two in a row and they haven’t done that since the first two games of the season, so I’ll take it!

As if I would let this recap go without including this. Get you a catcher who can do both.