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Monday BP, 4/23/18

Brandon Crawford and Austin Jackson: discuss!

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Angels Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I was tempted to make this week the first official Brandon Belt Week, but I pulled off the idea at the last second because, well, why did I do that? There’s always going to be something Belt-related to discuss, and you can certainly check out Grant’s recap of Belt’s epic 21-pitch at bat in his weekly Grant Land column over at SB Nation — but also look out for our own Kevin Cunningham’s recap at 12pm. Sami had a nice recap of it yesterday, too. Brandon Belt will always be a content-generator.

In the meantime, Brandon Crawford has struck out 22 times against 5 walks and 1 for his last 18; Austin Jackson has struck out 21 times against 4 walks and his 4 for his last 27. There is no easy replacement for Crawford in the field, but the Giants suddenly find themselves with multiple outfield — and, specifically, center field — options available to them.

As Sami and I discuss in this week’s Chroncast (which goes up at 10am), it makes absolutely no sense for us to pick on a new hitter every week, so, I’ll just open up the discussion this way: what do you think is going on with Crawford and Jackson’s at bats?