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Sunday BP, 4/22/18

What more can be said about the Giants?

San Francisco Giants  v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Well, here we are on the internet on a Sunday morning. Good morning and all that. If you’re here reading this now, it’s because you’re either drawn to new posts no matter what time of the day or you’re not in the Pacific Time zone and you’re just floating around board. “I wonder if there’s anything happening on McCovey Chronicles...” You’re in luck!

I am not used to there being fresh new content on over the weekend, but it’s a new world we’re in and it’s not necessarily the weekend for everybody who loves the Giants, so here we are. Yesterday was a blackout day save the minor lines and recap because of some internet connectivity issues here at the homestead. It’s one of those weird things where the 2.4Ghz channel on the router is completely out but the 5Ghz signal works just fine. Thing is: that 5Ghz range doesn’t have nearly the coverage, so it makes certain things tricky.

Oh! You’re leaving because you want to read about baseball!


I really need to stop getting ideas from Hank Schulman’s Twitter feed, but I do think he’s a great insight into the push-pull between Baseball modernity and antiquity. He invests time in learning about advanced metrics both so he can mock them and use them and sometimes it seems like when he goes along with the big ideas he runs into people he covers who plainly do not.

But what more is there to say about Bruce Bochy and his managerial style? He’s an antiquity. Of course he’s going to push back against “advanced ideas” like “if a dude sees another dude repeatedly he’s going to become more comfortable facing that dude” and “Derek Holland has not been a truly effective starter in several years”. These are just too high-minded or clever-by-half ideas that only a grizzled baseball veteran understands need to be ignored or derided openly.

I apologize for not remembering or being able to link to the very astute comment Here’s an an astute comment tapokata made on Friday: “Pure projection and speculation on my part, so I am likely wrong, but IMO Bochy is working with a coaching staff that he didn’t pick, and outside of Wotus, hasn’t built up a relationship of trust. I get the feeling that the coaching staff is walking on egg-shells around him, and are content to let Bork make all of the big decisions.”) about how Bruce Bochy’s new pitching and hitting coaches aren’t people he hired and how the ground is sort of shrinking beneath his feet, so, he’s going to do whatever he wants just to maintain some sort of control over the situation. I think I agree with this. It’s psychologically valid. And it makes sense based on everything we know with Bruce Bochy. The end of his tenure in San Diego played out almost exactly this way. The difference here is that he has the support of the Giants’ front office, because after all the recentish success, both field manager and general manager are tied together. Bochy goes when they go, and he goes when they go.

It’s still a very interesting dynamic playing out, because at some point, he’s got to see that his decisions are causing the team to lose games. There is no ignorance on Earth that can make someone ignore the cause and effect of “I make this move and then we lose”. He can blame it on the players all he wants — “At some point, guys have to execute” — but it can’t always be the case that the front office needs to take away a manager’s misfit toys in order for the manager to make better decisions. Right?

And yet, he gets bailed out to some degree because the Giants can’t hit. They’re simply not good at it! With no Buster Posey in the lineup, they’re even worse at it! I don’t know what more can be said about these 2018 Giants, but we’re going to spend a lot of time posting content trying to talk about them...