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Bumgarner on the mend, Law on the shuttle

With his recovery progressing steadily, we can start to prognosticate.

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As you no doubt saw from the beat writers and other talking heads, Madison Bumgarner had three pins removed from his broken hand and the prognosis was positive: the broken bone is healing properly. The timetable from there is that he can resume baseball activities — playing catch, launching snot rockets, etc. — the first week of May and remain on target to come off the 60-day DL the first day he’s eligible on May 25th.

The beat writers and other talking heads speculated just a bit that the Giants might not be in a rush to activate him as soon as he’s eligible, and if we look at the schedule around that time, then we see it’s four against the Cubs in Chicago followed by three at Coors Field. I might circle my calendar for a return of June 1st, a Friday night game against the Phillies.

June 1st just feels good and proper, too. The start of a new month. Two full months of baseball in the books. Every team will know where they stand (even the teams that publicly act like they’re still not sure). The Phillies are primed to compete for a Wild Card spot this season, so they would be a good test for the Giants... provided the Giants are still in some sort of contention.

A return of June 1st would also give the Giants and the rest of the league about a month and a half to determine whether or not Madison Bumgarner is “back” and as effective as ever, which is important in the even the Giants are out of any sort of contention (except a top draft pick) and the front office is looking ahead to the next decade.

So, yeah. June 1st. That’s the date on the calendar I’m circling.

Meanwhile, Derek Law returns to AAA where he probably belongs at this point. He has shown glimpses of the talent that got him this far, but it’s been wrapped in inconsistency and hard contact by opposing hitters. Maybe he can piece it together at some point, but, more and more, it’s starting to feel less and less like he’ll be able to match the hopes pinned on him in 2016.