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What’s the highest run total the Giants have ever had on this date?

In San Francisco history, the Giants have been an offensive force. But when have they really lit up a scoreboard on this exact date over the past 60 years?

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

There’s no way to avoid how dumb this all is, but it’s Friday, you do not have much more time at work, and you do not have much stuff to do between now and first pitch, so let’s just really lean into today’s date.

The Giants have scored a lot of runs in their San Francisco history. Obviously, they haven’t scored any runs this year or many overall since Barry Bonds decided on his own to walk away from the game and never play again, but they used to. Really. Now, they don’t always play on April 20th, but which April 20th of the past 60 years has seen them really roll their opponent?

Here’s a reverse chroniclogical listing of the highest scoring games on this date in San Francisco Giants history:

2008 - 8 runs @ STL (8-2 win) | John Bowker homered. Bengie Molina hit 2 doubles. WHOA.

2006 - 9 runs @ AZ (9-7 win) | Lance Niekro went 1-for-3. TRIPPY.

2002 - 13 runs @ HOU (13-9 win) | Barry Bonds and David Bell each hit 2 HR. Reggie Sanders, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, and Marvin Benard also homered. I’M GETTING FREAKED OUT.

1996 - 8 runs @ CHC (8-4 win) | Steve Scarsone (!) and Barry Bonds homered. NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE, SCARSONE.

1981 - 9 runs @ SD (9-0 win) | Played at Jack Murphy Stadium. DAD HAS THE GOOD STASH.

1976 - 12 runs @ ATL (12-11 win) | Gary Matthews 4-6 with 2 HRs. THE CHOP IS JUST AS RACIST UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

1958 - 12 runs @ LAD (12-2 win) | Ahhhhh, here’s the good hit. The Giants and Dodgers both moved west and in their inaugural California seasons, the Giants proceeded to smoke the Dodgers in front of their new fans at the LA Memorial Coliseum. Danny O’Connell hit 2 home runs off of Don Drysdale and the Giants didn’t have to strain themselves very much against these bums. EVERYTHING’S HAZY BUT THE RIVALRY.

Some other moments from this date in Giants history:

2003 - 16-4 loss in LA | way to harsh the vibe, Dodgers. Poor Kurt Ainsworth. HE SHOULD MAKE A COMEBACK.

2000 - 11-1 loss in Cincinnati | Ken Griffey Jr. hit two home runs off of Livan Hernandez and Pokey Reese went 5-for-5. “I COULD TOTALLY GO FOR SOME SKYLINE CHILI,” I’d exclaim after a game like this.

1969 - 3-2 win against the Padres. | Nice.