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Monday BP, 4/2/18

The Giants get their first off day of the season and McCovey Chronicles gets its first Blogging Practice post. This one’s mainly for frequent site commenters.

MLB: San Francisco Giants-Workouts Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest lesson I’ve learned after one week of running this insanely popular website that was started by an insanely popular writer is that I need to get in more blogging reps. It’s easy to have my own dumb unique voice and sense of humor when I have plenty of time to write an article, but let’s see how sharp I think I am with multiple daily deadlines. So, I’m starting these Blogging Practice (BP) posts — better known as Link Dumps and Morning Threads. I just didn’t want to call them Link Dumps.

As you know, the site’s undergoing a few changes. Nothing major... except for the volume of posts you’ll see every day. For some of you, change is is unsettling and, therefore, extraordinarily bad. There’s no better way to prepare you for the unavoidable: there will be more articles posted to the site during the week. It’ll be strong Giants-related content ranging from pure baseball analysis to silly columns and videos.

If you’re open to the idea of change but not sure how that’ll work given the way everyone currently uses the comments section, know that I’ve been extremely mindful of this since signing on as managing editor. Grant brought us all together, but most of us fell in love with the site because of the comments section. So how to address the fact that people need to be able to talk about their lunch or the Warriors game uninterrupted by new posts written by people who will mostly not be Grant?

My first thought is that comments tend to clump around one morning post and one afternoon post before migrating over to the GameThread and then the recap. So, for instance, you could use this Monday BP (Blogging Practice) for the usual morning commentary before moving on to the afternoon post -- say, the 2:30pm post -- and then the GameThread and then the recap. Look! Here’s a tentative posting schedule for most days:

8:00AM | 9:00AM | 10:00AM | 12PM | 2:30PM | 3:30PM | 4:30PM | 7:00PM*

The 7:00pm slot will be an evening post following day games (such as tomorrow’s home opener vs. Seattle) and some of the other time slots will be preempted by day games, East Coast starts, and random getaway day timing (such as Wednesday’s 4:15pm first pitch). It looks like a lot, but I’m only posting it here so that all of you can figure out when you want to post comments to the site.

We’re also going to start spotlighting comments and fanposts, because the community around here is at least as important as the content; and, some of you have some really sharp ideas that should be seen by more people.

For instance, I really liked this comment from tobias posted in the “Mark Melancon to DL; Reyes Moronta added to roster” post:

A fun hypothetical to mull over...

Top of the eighth inning, game tied 2-2. Kelby Tomlinson, pinch hitting in the pitcher’s spot, leads off the inning and grounds out. The Giants fail to score and we move to the bottom of the eighth.

During the bottom of the eighth, Brandon Crawford going back on a pop up into short left field, collides with Hunter Pence and he has to leave the game (he’s not seriously injured and will be back in the lineup the next day).

Who plays shortstop now?

Some potential answers…

* Longoria moves over to SS and Pablo plays 3B. But what if Pablo also has already pinch-hit?

* Panik slides over to SS and ?? plays 2B.

* Longoria slides over to SS, Posey moves to 3B, and Hundley catches.

* Something, something, something…Belt pitches

Comments like this will get their own post in the future. Same with the fanposts. For now, though, let’s consider what it might really take for us to see Brandon Belt finally pitch.

And, in case it wasn’t clear to those reading this, the next post is at 9am.