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Brandon Belt hates the Dodgers more than you ever could

This season, the Giants are celebrating 60 years in San Francisco and 60 years of the best rivalry in baseball.

Brandon Belt hit his 100th home run last night. Carmen will have a story out about that tomorrow that you should all look forward to. But for now, we’d like to take a look at what is easily one of the funniest commercials the Giants have put out in a while.

This season has featured some odd commercials, with strange slow motion fan reactions to things that happened in previous seasons, where people spill and drop their concession food as though it didn’t cost them more than their ticket to the game.

There has also been a commercial with the team discussing how much Brandon Crawford looks like his promotional gnome. But the best so far is this, which promotes both the rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers, as well as the two-flaps down promotional giveaway hat.

If you’re reading this on Apple News, the above video has been stripped out, so make sure you open it in a different browser because it is fun.

If, for some other reason, you still cannot see the video, it starts with Renel Brooks-Moon highlighting the history of the Giants and Dodgers move to the west coast, and their storied rivalry. It’s similar to the video that was played to start the first Dodgers vs. Giants series in San Francisco.

Then it cuts to Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Mark Melancon discussing how the rivalry isn’t really that big of a deal to them, saying they don’t really think about it too much and that it’s more for the fans.

And then a baby giraffe appears:

Belt seethes with a palpable hatred as the camera closes in on his face, where his hatred intensifies into a scathing glare:

Belt is clearly one of us, which is good for the rivalry. He shakes with a fiery rage that we should all aspire to feel whenever the Dodgers take the field.

He could also be glaring at Bruce Bochy, who is likely already planning to bench him for part of the next Dodgers series.

But look at that face. That face says “I just hit my 100th home run, and I’m coming for you next, Kershaw.”

While that is unlikely to be true, what is true is that you can get one of those sweet, sweet hats at the April 27th game against the Dodgers. Make Belt proud, defend the rivalry.