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Carmen’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Review (Official)

You’ll want to know where in the park you can find this deliciousness.

Carmen Kiew

I’ve never really thought to myself - “You know what? AT&T Park doesn’t have enough ice cream options.” But someone who runs the Giants food decisions thought another option was warranted and honestly, I am very here for it.

First thing I want to clear up here is that soft serve is NOT frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is garbage. I mean, I’ll eat it. I DO eat it. But it’s because sometimes I like to pretend like I’m being healthy by eating Pinkberry like “Mmmmm... so good, this is like 120 calories!” If you ever did a side-by-side comparison of frozen yogurt and ACTUAL ice cream, you would be like “one tastes like delicious frozen cream and satisfies me deeply while the other one tastes like icy Splenda”. Go ahead and try it. I’ll wait.

This is neither here or there but I have very strong feelings about the matter and I just needed to get that off my chest.

On to the review.

The soft serve is located in the organic garden in center field where all the “healthy-ish” options reside. If you just jog up the bleachers, you could find Ghiradelli’s hot fudge sundaes and if you went down the promenade level a few sections over, Cream would provide options for ice cream cookie sandwiches. I even think those little coffee stands around the park have just plain ol’ scooped ice cream. The point is, my taste test is based around the existing options the park has to offer.

Finally, like my previous food review, I have a few director’s notes:

  • VERTICAL VIDEO BE GONE. I finally got a rig set up with my iPhone and all my mental effort went into looking at the lens, not the screen. I’m pretty proud of myself TBH.
  • Instead of sauce, the word of the video is TOPPINGS. I lost my mind for the toppings.
  • Watching this back I realized I knew I could get four toppings but somehow only got three. I’m disappointed in me too.
  • Hopefully the sound is a little better because I invested in a nice external mic. I want you to be proud of me, dad.

As always, please let me know what food you’d like me to eat. I’m considering trying to dip fries into the Ghiradelli’s sundae next, kind of like a do-it-yourself-AT&T-Park-Wendy’s-Frosty situation but I could be convinced to do something else. Let me know if you’ve tried the soft serve yet and if you also lost your sh*t for the toppings.