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Buy this Andrew McCutchen shirt to impress your friends and enemies.

Order now and get it just in time for his next game-winning hit!

Few fans are as spoiled as Giants fans. There has been a parade of fun, talented, personable players to come through the organization in just this past decade, far more than your average organization. And so it’s unfair that the Giants could go outside the organization to trade for not just the face of another franchise, not just someone they and the rest of us have admired from afar, but someone unique who easily embodies fun, talent, and personality.

I’m talking about Andrew McCutchen, of course. He’s the entire reason you’ve clicked on the post. You know there’s a t-shirt up for sale that’s all about him. You already know about our good friends at BreakingT. (Remember this Matt Cain shirt from last year?). And now, you can see what our good friends at BreakingT have done for an Andrew McCutchen t-shirt:

We’re only 10 games into the season and he’s already won 2 games for the Giants. There will be many more opportunities for him to be the hero and plenty of chances for you to be wearing this shirt at the exact right time to make your friends wish they were you (in that moment). So, you know, check out BreakingT and buy the shirt.

And, in the larger sense, a Cutch-22 is preferable to a Catch-22, because in the latter situation, there is no escape from a tense situation. What Cutch-22 suggests is that Andrew McCutchen is the escape from a tense situation.