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Weekend GameThread, 3/9

Weekend baseball, here. Get your weekend baseball.

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Samardzija takes the mound today against James Paxton in a rematch of last night’s win over the Seattle Mariners.

However, instead of Johnny Cueto and the Rivercats, the lineup will feature a group that more closely resembles the 2018 San Francisco Giants.

Friday Lineup:

  1. Jackson, Austin - CF
  2. Pence, Hunter - LF
  3. McCutchen, Andrew - RF
  4. Posey, Buster - C
  5. Longoria, Evan - 3B
  6. Belt, Brandon - 1B
  7. Crawford, Brandon - SS
  8. Sandoval, Pablo - DH
  9. Panik, Joe - 2B

P - Samardzija, Jeff - RHP

You can listen via MLB Audio, or watch the embed below (or follow this link.)

On Saturday, the Giants will face some double-duty split squad action against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Or whatever they’re called. The Los Angeles Rally Monkeys? Whatever.

Anyway, one group plays in Scottsdale at 12:05pm PT and you can tune in on KNBR. The unfortunate road group plays in Tempe at 12:10pm PT, and you’re going to be subjected to the Angels broadcasters regardless of how you tune in (most likely MLB Audio). Choose wisely.

Sunday, the squad reunites to face the San Diego Padres. This one is a little bit later, 3:05pm PT, and you can actually watch this one! On regular television! It will be on NBC Sports Bay Area, and you can listen on KNBR as well.

As of right now, the Giants’ starting pitchers are still listed as TBD on the MLB website for all of these games, but Hank Schulman tweeted tomorrow’s starters, with Andrew Suarez starting the home game and Tyler Beede starting on the road.

Feel free to post lineup updates in the comments as information becomes available.