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Dusty Baker Returns

Maybe he can help the pitching staff become better hitters.

Dusty Baker

Good morning! Before you panic, it’s not 2002, you haven’t traveled backwards in time for some reason. Bob Nightengale has reported some news:

He’ll be special adviser to Larry Baer and report to Brian Sabean as well. The article notes that Dusty Baker lives in Sacramento and his son plays for Cal, so, this would seem to be a good fit for both parties. When you consider how the relationship ended on a sour note and how baseball men tend to hold grudges, it’s kinda nice to see this all happening.

Can’t help but feel there’s a dash of PR in all this, too. Dusty Baker’s Q rating in SF is still remarkably high, I’d imagine, and bringing him back into the fold when the ship is taking on water certainly signals the idea that the Giants have called for buckets and they’re going to make it to their next port.

The Giants made a big course correction this offseason firing and reshuffling members of the organization and publicly committing to a new, analytics-minded direction. The hiring of Dusty Baker is sort of the antithesis of that, and recreating the Baer-Sabean-Baker triumvirate shouldn’t really move the needle in terms of the organization’s future... but it sure as heck will do a lot for this week as everyone tries to figure out how to navigate a season that’ll be absent Madison Bumgarner for most of it.

Dusty Baker’s a great personality and baseball guy and will no doubt spot and aid in the development of some hitting talent. It’s nice to have him back with the organization. His presence is a reminder of good times. Not necessarily better days... just, good times.