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Monday Wake Up Thread 3/26

BNP Paribas Open - Day 10 Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Let’s see how many days in a row I can remember to post a morning link dump. Also, I didn’t want to call it a link dump, because, well, I’m probably not going to have a lot of links every day. Think of this as a conversation stimulator, man.

But I will start off with a link of sorts. Jon Morosi tweeted out the following last night:

My general feeling is that this is a sports reporter trying to create a story. The entire industry knows that the Giants need pitching now that they’ve lost two of their starters. But the Giants directly said that a trade is “not likely”. We’ve heard nothing from the other beat writers that even suggest such a move might be in the air. It’s not irresponsible for Morosi to report something that’s not going to happen, it just looks really silly.

The second tweet looks like a doubling down after getting the “not likely” response to his trade inquiry. He’s putting it out there that something could happen because he pulled up MLB Depth Charts or something or remembered hearing that Peacock and McHugh were fated for bullpen duties to start the season. More likely, it’s because he’s in the Grapefruit League that he’s pulling ideas from, like, the first thing he sees when he looks up from his phone.

He’s generating fiction for retweets, and I don’t think that sits very well with me. This wasn’t even his first crack at creating a story out of thin air, either:

Pretty clear that he’s just sitting and thinking for a moment, “Say, would the (blank) be interested in trading with the Giants knowing they need starting pitching?” then asking around people from those teams only to be denied.

I guess the conversation I’m trying to stimulate here is, “If you were in Jon Morosi’s position, what kind of trade rumors would you try to start? Would they be any better than what he’s mentioned?”