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OH NO! Giants announce Bumgarner has fractured left hand

It’s the update you couldn’t imagine because you’re trying to be good to yourself.

MLB: San Francisco Giants-Media Day Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is officially the worst news we could have received on the last day of spring training. The specter of the second half of the 2016 season has been haunting us, and though we had a brief respite of optimism during the spring, it has returned to doom us all.

That is to say that Madison Bumgarner suffered a fractured left hand after the line drive that hit him in Friday’s game, causing him to exit in the third inning. The team was tight-lipped with updates, which should have been a sign.

It’s like the Hunter Pence injury all over again, only worse. Because it’s Madison Bumgarner. Against the Royals. Madison Bumgarner is not a mere mortal man against the Royals. He is a legend. But even legends aren’t immune from come-backers.

This comes on the heels of Jeff Samardzija going on the DL to start the season and leaves an already thin pitching staff even thinner, to start a month of games where they will play the Dodgers ten times.

Bumgarner was seeing doctors late Friday afternoon and so far there is no word yet on how long he will be out. If there’s surgery involved, you can forget about something like 3-5 weeks. For the time being, probably just try not to think about how long he’ll be out. This isn’t quite as bad as a dirt bike injury to his pitching shoulder... but it’s also in the ballpark of being as bad. Okay, fine --

You can officially freak out now.