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Open GameThread, 3/13

The Giants travel to Mesa to play the Cubs in a primetime match-up.

Oakland Athletics v Chicago Cubs Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tonight, baseball is played at a normal West Coast hour. Tonight, we scrap the sham that is the DH. Tonight, we inch ever closer to the return of baseball that means something.

Madison Bumgarner will bat for himself tonight in Mesa, where the Giants will face Tyler Chatwood and the Cubs. There is a lineup that looks almost exactly like a real, honest to goodness baseball team.

Look at this lineup. LOOK AT IT.


  1. Panik, Joe - 2B
  2. Belt, Brandon - 1B
  3. McCutchen, Andrew - RF
  4. Posey, Buster - C
  5. Crawford, Brandon - SS
  6. Jackson, Austin - CF
  7. Pence, Hunter - LF
  8. Tomlinson, Kelby - 3B
  9. Bumgarner, Madison - LHP

Just, you know, squint a little bit to make Kelby Tomlinson look like Evan Longoria (who is planning to start tomorrow) and you’re looking at a pretty, pretty good looking lineup.

Unfortunately, the only way you can catch this one is via MLB Audio. But we’ll get there. Oh yes, we will get there soon with baseball on your television and your radio. With a lineup that might look a lot like this one. With pitchers batting for themselves, as nature intended.