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Chroncast #72: The Ghost & The Grantness

Sami might be haunted by a ghost, the Giants might be haunted by their lack of depth; meanwhile, Grant Brisbee returns and reveals that he might be haunted by an extra inning game from last season.

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the gang’s all here, it’s time to look at the sweet, sweet sample size of Spring Training and determine what, if anything, the Giants might have that will make them competitive in the National League this season. We also look back at the offseason that was, not just for the Giants, but for ourselves. It turns out, Sami might be living in a haunted building. You don’t want to miss her story on that, because it contains advice on how to deal with a ghost that could save your life...

And then award-winning site creator Grant Brisbee returns to regail us with stories of his offseason, tales from the Giants Outsiders booth, and what he thinks about everything the Giants did. He also reveals what’s next for him as he transitions from splitting time on McCovey Chronicles to focusing 90%+ of his time on his national baseball writing.

Then we answer your interesting Twitter questions and close with a discussion on the economics of baseball and how the victory of sabermetrics might have actually taken some of the fun out of following the industry.

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