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Open GameThread, 2/28

Ty Blach takes the mound for the visiting Giants today against the Brewers.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants face the Milwaukee Brewers today on the road in Phoenix. Ty Blach gets the start against Wade Miley if you’re looking at Or Jhoulys Chacín if you’re looking at the MLB At Bat app. Spring training is fun!

Remember how yesterday I said it would be nice to see the Giants win a game? Well guess what? They did! In spectacular fashion. They scored all the runs. They also gave up all the runs, but that didn’t matter in the end because we got a magical 9th inning comeback we’re unlikely to ever see in the regular season.

So the bar is set pretty high, but again, it’s spring training. The lineups are made up and the runs don’t matter.

Here is a lineup from as of 11:25am. The beat writers are unusually quiet this morning, so it’s the only lineup I’ve seen so far and is subject to change:

  1. Duggar, Steven - CF
  2. Crawford, Brandon - DH
  3. Sandoval, Pablo - 1B
  4. Sanchez, Hector - C
  5. Parker, Jarrett - RF
  6. Williamson, Mac - LF
  7. d’Arnaud, Chase - 3B
  8. Rutledge, Josh - 2B
  9. Tomlinson, Kelby - SS

P - Blach, Ty - RHP

I’m not sure there’s a webcast for this one, but I’ll update if we get a link. You can listen via the MLB audio stream.