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Open GameThread, 2/26

It’s Beede time!

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Tyler Beede makes his first appearance of the year today as the Giants take on the Kansas City Royals. Beede will face Bryan Flynn on the mound.

This spring is more important than ever for Beede, who struggled in 2017 and was ultimately sidelined due to injury. This year, Beede is hunting for a spot in the rotation.

However, Bruce Bochy has said that isn’t his only option.

“Roles can change. You never know if a kid has a big arm like that. All of a sudden, you could look at him in the bullpen. Right now, he’s a starter. Trust me. He looks like a guy who can be a third or fourth starter in the major leagues.”

As Henry Schulman points out in the linked piece above, Bochy sees it as make or break time for many of the team’s young, but so far unproven, pitchers to force their way onto the roster permanently. So, you know, no pressure, kid.

Also making his spring debut is Brandon Crawford, back to provide some of his patently handsome defense and re-joining his fellow Brandon.

  1. Duggar, Steven CF
  2. Belt, Brandon 1B
  3. Crawford, Brandon DH
  4. Hundley, Nick C
  5. Williamson, Mac RF
  6. Parker, Jarrett LF
  7. Rutledge, Josh 2B
  8. d’Arnaud, Chase 3B
  9. Calixte, Orlando SS

P - Beede, Tyler

If that doesn’t work for you, here is a link to the stream.