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Monday BP, 12/3/18

World Series - Kansas City Royals v San Francisco Giants - Game Four Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Jeremy Affeldt saved his puppy last week by administering CPR:

Yes, that’s a danged puppy.

You can read a blow by blow by blow by blow account in Jessica Kleinschmidt’s story for NBC Sports:

During the interview, Affeldt kept apologizing in hopes the graphic terms wouldn’t make someone squeamish. But there was no reason to be polite.

”There’s a huge mess outside, I’ll tell you that,” Affeldt said.

Dog CPR is similar to human CPR, but not precisely. This video breaks it down:

So, yes, Jeremy Affeldt did put his dog’s nose in his mouth four times. But of course he knew how to perform animal CPR. Someone as frequently injured as he is needs to know all forms of CPR and emergency medical care.

Congratulations to Jeremy Affeldt, though. Jeremy Affeldt Saves His Dog’s Life is the Most Random Story of the offseason, and December has just begun. Will we get an Alen Hanson Thwarts A Mango Truck Heist story at some point? Maybe a Derek Holland Does His Impression of Farhan Zaidi to Farhan Zaidi at the Winter Meetings?

Have any of you had to take matters into your own hands to save your pet’s life? Ever perform CPR on a human being? I’ve had training but didn’t get to put it to use before I forgot everything.

My mom mentioned that she once choked on a piece of broccoli while alone in a hotel room and had to ram herself against the back of a chair in order to dislodge it — the same thing was a bit on 30 Rock:

Finally, do you think Jeremy Affeldt has some weird energy surrounding him that causes all these accidents?