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Christmas BP, 12/24-12/25/18

Santa Claus School Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Would it surprise you to know that the Giants haven’t been in the news very much since the last BP? We received confirmation that the team and the Raiders are still negotiating to make AT&T Park a possible home field for the transient football squadron and learned Farhan Zaidi lost the Dodgers’ fantasy football league (his first L as a Giant). Very likely nothing else will happen in the next 48 hours.

It’s gotten so bad and so boring that I literally dreamed the Giants traded their hitting coach (it was some random, dream-generated dude) to the Reds for some outfielder (I think it was Jesse Winker) whom Farhan Zaidi then released... just because. I was given a scoop that the reason the Giants traded their hitting coach was because he was madly in love with one of the office assistant and was stalking her.

Anyway, please enjoy this thread for the next two days to fill with breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner discussion and a brag list of yours or your kids toys if you actually do Christmas-related activities. There will be some #content, too, but probably very little in the way of breaking news or quantitative analysis.