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Thursday BP, 12/13/18

MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the ghosts of 2018 injuries past couldn’t get dumber, I’ll just leave this here:

I’m not laughing at Buster Posey’s pain, far from it, but I am laughing. The kind of laughing you have to do to keep yourself from crying. do you not spot this? Did he not have a single x-ray or MRI done? They knew his hip was hurting - did they just spot the labrum damage and assume that was it? Were they trying to diagnose his injuries with a magic 8-ball?

And yet they had him play well after they knew he was injured. For reasons.

I mean, we’re basically lucky his leg didn’t fall off.

That’s probably a bit unfair, I’m not a doctor and I’m no expert on the human hip. I’m told that they do not lie, but THAT SEEMS ITSELF TO BE A LIE! It seems kind of ridiculous that a franchise player of a major sports team with access to the finest medical care was playing with an un-diagnosed fracture for Mays knows how long. When I think back on the 2018 season, this may be the only thing I remember now.