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Three resolutions for Giants fans in 2019

These are only suggestions.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I’m a strong believer that there is always room for improvement when it comes to anything in life. Surely being a sports fan can’t be much different?

There are so many things I wish the Giants organization had done differently last season. But I think the new year is always a good time to reflect - what could I have done better? I think it’s time to turn the thinking inwards and resolve towards some things Giants fans may be able to commit to next season.

Give Farhan Zaidi a chance

I think it’s easy to be reactionary and judge the Giants new President of Baseball Ops with a limited sample size. Maybe nothing happens at the winter meetings. Typically I may go ahead and label him too passive or maybe just curse the Giants inability to close the deal. But maybe in 2019, I won’t be like that. Instead I’ll try to give Zaidi the benefit of the doubt, allow his track record and reputation speak for itself and allow him time to work his magic on re-routing the train tracks in San Francisco.

(Try to) Have a positive mindset about potential trades

Giants fans are undoubtedly lucky in that the previous regime did not believe in breaking up the talents of the core players who brought several parades to Market Street. That being said, it is definitely a double-edged sword. Yes, there is comfort in watching farm-raised World Series champions return season after season but there is also something gut-wrenching about watching other teams begin to surpass the Giants as the charm begins to wear off.

The biggest ticket item is of course, Madison Bumgarner. There are certainly other pieces - like Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, Joe Panik- that would be painful to part with. But you gotta give something to get something, and as much as my initial reaction would be to twist and scream into a pillow while starting a rage thread on Reddit, I’d like to exercise some rationale thinking by understanding that change is coming, and it’s going to come at a cost. And that is normal. And that is okay. Right? It’s okay.

Get to know the farm system

There are a lot of holes to fill on the roster and we may be looking towards the farm more and more in the next couple of years.

While we hear a lot about guys like Joey Bart, Heliot Ramos, and other buzzworthy guys in the system, there are actually a ton of guys in the minor leagues that could either help the team in San Francisco or be a great add-on in terms of getting the right guy in a big trade for the Giants.

I’m going to commit to getting my depth of knowledge up to speed. I think it might also be a good idea to pick a guy in the farm system and follow his career closely to become a subject matter expert - who knows? That guy could end up being the next Buster Posey or Brandon Crawford.

We still have a few weeks left before the new year so feel free to contradict everything on this list until the clock strikes midnight.

Any other resolutions you guys can think of?