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Weekend BP, 11/9-11/11/18

Bud Light And David Koechner Introduce Bud Light Fantasy Football League Photo by Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images for Bud Light

Brandon Crawford is the Giants’ league commissioner and he is the one who will have the ultimate say as to whether or not three-time Fantasy Football League Champion Farhan Zaidi will be allowed into the Giants’ league. This is one of the fun side stories to the Giants’ hire and even though I don’t think about football for more than two total minutes a month, I’m glad this story exists.

According to McCullough, Dodgers players had to change some of the rules of their league to try to slow Zaidi. The next season, Zaidi apparently found a loophole, exploiting the rule change on his way to another title. A few players complained to McCullough that Zaidi’s younger brother might be running the team, an allegation that was denied.

I’m trying to imagine what other Giants might be in that league. Does Buster Posey participate in fantasy football? For better or worse, I feel that he’s cultivated an image of someone who eats, sleeps, and dreams baseball and during the offseason, he wears cardigans, house slippers, and is in bed promptly at 8pm. He might even argue that his life is “like a fantasy” and, therefore, has no reason to participate in any other fantasies, league or otherwise.

Would Brian Sabean fraternize with players in this way? That might be a key difference in the team’s change in power. Farhan Zaidi seems like an excitable extrovert while Sabean seems like a big ol’ grumplepuss. Sabean is a good people person in his own way, but it seems to me that Zaidi seems more... conventionally friendly, if that makes sense? Anyway, if you missed his introductory press conference, you can watch this quick interview with Alex Pavlovic here or listen to their full podcast here.

Welcome, Farhan, and look out, Fantasy Football League owners.