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Multiple reports confirm the Giants have indeed honed in on Farhan Zaidi

Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire; where there’s more than one tweet, there’s a confirmation.

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Four Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Last night, Joel Sherman reported that he’d heard that Farhan Zaidi was the Giants’ top choice and that it was up to the Dodgers’ GM to make a decision. We could very well be getting that decision today. If Zaidi declines the Giants’ offer, Sherman says the Tampa Bay Rays’ Chaim Bloom “is seen” as the next person to receive an offer.

Meanwhile, Henry Schulman confirmed for the Chronicle last night as well that the Giants are at least interested in Zaidi and have made him the focal point. About a half hour ago, national writer Jon Heyman reported that Zaidi “is indeed a target.”

Now, just like in yesterday’s report from Morosi, we don’t know the source. It could be the same for all of these reports, although Henry Schulman would seem to have the inside track on getting confirmation from someone actually with the team, if for no other reason than his proximity.

When these types of reports circulate, things tend to move quickly. The Dodgers have to decide on Dave Roberts’ contract option by tomorrow and the GM meetings are happening as I type this. There’s a good chance we do hear about Zaidi’s decision within the next 24 hours, one way or the other.

Still, Sherman’s report seems to be in response to Morosi’s more general report from early yesterday, and I think if the Giants are serious about grabbing Farhan Zaidi from the Dodgers, then there’s definitely an offer on the table. I’m raising the Alert.

We’re at “Due diligence”, people. This is not a drill.

Again, the Giants can’t match the Dodgers’ talent, so it would appear Larry Baer’s strategy is to take some of its brainpower to eventually get that talent. It’s cutthroat and it could work.