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Farhan Zaidi could be the next head of baseball operations

The GM Meetings begin tonight and it’s possible one front office exec could be changing hotel suites.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

MLB Network and Fox Sports reporter Jon Morosi tweeted out that the Giants are are prepared to offer Farhan Zaidi a position in their front office.

We don’t know Morosi’s source on this, of course, but he’s had a tendency over the years to have strong connections to several front offices (usually the Tigers’), so it’s possible that somebody he knows heard or has details on what’s going on with another team. It’s possible that in the Dodgers’ recent dealings with the agents for Clayton Kershaw and David Freese that some information leaked in a roundabout way and made it’s way through the tight-knit baseball industry, too.

We don’t know what “prepared to offer a position” actually means, either. That could just mean that Morosi’s source knows only about the Giants’ side of things rather than the Dodgers’, and to that end, Morosi might’ve heard from one of the candidates, who themselves may have been told directly by the Giants that a selection has been made.

We also don’t know what position this might be, although I still think the intention is to hire one president / vice president of baseball operations so that the new hire can fill out the rest of the baseball operations department as they see fit to rebuild it in their image. I think it’s highly unlikely that the Giants would offer Zaidi a promotion but then saddle him with their own choices for GM and Farm Director.

I will say that silence from both parties means there’s fire with this smoke just as much as it could mean absolutely nothing. The Giants haven’t commented on the process and it wouldn’t make sense for Zaidi to respond while still under contract with the Dodgers, but I think if there was nothing here, at least he would say something more definitive.

What we do know is that the general manager meetings are a great time for a bunch of baseball dudes to get together and swing their bats around. Timing an announcement for this event would (as is usually the case with big free agent signings) create a big wave and generate a lot of excitement. On that alone, Zaidi could capitalize on a possible frenzy by other GMs to strip the Giants for parts.

I suspect we’ll learn more about this rumor very soon. The official schedule of meetings doesn’t kick in until tomorrow. Tonight is just a get-together dinner/mixer at the hotel (this according to what Jim Duquette and Mike Ferrin described on MLB Network Radio this morning).

I’m not ready to get into the implications of this move quite yet as it’s still a rumor, but let’s just say that poaching one of the Dodgers’ executives is an intriguing shot across the bow. It’s way more cerebral. The Giants can’t beat the Dodgers on the field, so they’re resorting to mind games. It could work.

In retrospect, I probably should’ve setup some official rumor meter or scale. Shoot. Should’ve given this more thought. Okay, something like this:

I’m grading this tweet a “Kicking the tires”, meaning we are now on MEDIUM ALERT, PEOPLE. This is the second such report linking Farhan Zaidi to the Giants and this one has just a little more sizzle, but one that is a logical progression from the prior report.