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Here’s the Let Pablo Pitch Hoodie

A hoodie for the holidays? That’s just what BreakingT’s thinking.

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It’s a moment so nice they’ve capitalized on it twice. Our friends at BreakingT have transferred the very popular Let Pablo Pitch t-shirt to a hoodie, making it a great gift for the holiday season. It’s cold out there and what better way to warm up than with an MLB Players Association-branded hooded sweatshirt featuring a famous moment in Giants history that most of us got to experience live?

I graded Pablo Sandoval’s injury-shortened 2018 season an “A”, because he was one of only a few league average hitters on the entire roster and he brought joy back to the Giants’ clubhouse. He made them more fun to watch, even when they were losing. That scoreless inning against the Dodgers was its own context — it didn’t matter that it was a blowout, it mattered that it was happening.

Some quick notes on this new hoodie:

  • This is an officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association, which means that Charles Johnson doesn’t get any of your money, it goes to the players.
  • It’s a cotton (80%) / polyester (20%) blend. “Durable, yet ultra-soft”, and in no way affiliated with a racist super PAC or racist senator.
  • Due to high demand, the hoodie won’t be shipped for 1-2 weeks, so if you want to get it by Christmas, consider ordering now.
  • The #1 question I get when I post a new BreakingT item concerns women’s sizes. The best answer I can provide at the moment is the sizing chart provided here:

Finally, and in conclusion, Let Pablo Pitch isn’t just a t-shirt or a hoodie, it’s a state of mind.

Usually, BreakingT wants us to wear the moment, but now you can be warmed by it, too.