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Wednesday BP, 11/28/18

First Lady Laura Bush Shows White House Christmas Decorations Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Peter Hartlaub, the San Francisco Chronicle’s pop culture critic, was watching the claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special and became fixated on the San Francisco Chronicle front page used in it.

You should click on that link to read the entire article as it’s informative and fun and reveals that the front page used featured a main headline about the Giants — specifically, this 6-3 win in 10 innings in Philadelphia where Juan Marichal pitched a complete game. It was also his last start for nearly a month after that!

I don’t know about you, but whenever the Giants appear in pop culture I stop in my tracks and rewind or look again to make sure I’m not imaging things. Back in April, when an episode of The Americans featured a radio broadcast of a Giants-Braves game from the eighties, I rewound the moment 10-12 times. Couldn’t believe it.

And then, in the Billy Crystal movie Parental Guidance, he plays a minor league baseball radio broadcast who’s trying to make it to the Giants. And who could forget The Fan? Inexplicably, it remains the definitive San Francisco Giants movie. There was also the Ashley Judd vehicle Twisted, where a dead body is found behind McCovey Cove.

Here’s the video of the moment that compelled Peter Hartlaub to begin his investigation.

When has the convergence of pop culture and the San Francisco Giants surprised you?