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Monday BP, 11/26/18

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San Francisco Helps Miles’ Wish To Be A Superhero Come True Photo by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

Miles Scott had leukemia back in 2013 and was given the opportunity by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to fulfill his wish of being Batman (as Batkid) for a day. The entire city of San Francisco participated, closing off roads and setting up action stops as he made his way through “Gotham City” on a quest to save it from The Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery. One of those stops, you may recall, was at good ol’ AT&T Park. See a recap here:

Batkid went on to complete a tremendous day (he rescued Lou Seal at AT&T Park from The Penguin), memorialized in the documentary Batkid Begins, which you can catch on Netflix right now if you have a subscription. In case you missed the news from a couple of weeks ago, Batkid’s cancer in remission and his situation started to improve shortly after the day-long event:

The wish five years ago marked the end of Miles’ treatment, and today he sees an oncologist yearly. Most cancers that return do so within the first five years after treatment, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Congratulations to Batkid and his whole Batfamily! I can’t imagine the relief his parents felt when they heard that news.

You can read more about Make-A-Wish in general and Miles Scott in particular (including an update) right here on the original wish page. I will pull this from the USA Today follow-up piece, however:

Today, Miles enjoys science and robotics and plays baseball, the foundation said. He helps on his family’s farm and sold his first goat at a local fair. His mom, Natalie, contacted Make-A-Wish about volunteering to help grant wishes for other children in need.

Volunteerism seems like a really nice option this holiday season. I’m not suggesting any of us simply stop living our lives on the Internet, but I am starting to think that maybe I should use my time in this final month of the year to help make someone else’s life a little better.

On that note, I’m hoping this Facebook Group for Camp Fire victims is legit because I know some people who are already partaking in the Adopt A Family program. Check it out and, who knows, maybe your Cyber Monday shopping could include helping out a total stranger for no other reason than doing something kind for a stranger with nothing coming back in return. It also pushes off thinking about the Giants for one more day, and maybe that’s the greatest gift of all.

Maybe you noticed that the site went dark over the weekend. That was a sorely needed break for the entire staff — that it coincided with the Giants coming up in the news once again in a rather unflattering way was merely coincidence. When the Giants decide to say something about the situation regarding political donations, then you’ll see something more specific about it on the site, as was the case the last time this happened.