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Ten things Giants fans can be thankful for in 2018

On this day where we give thanks, let us give thanks to some of the best parts of being a fan of the 2018 Giants. Wait, where are you going?

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
One day, people will regret how little they appreciated Buster Posey while he was actually playing. Don’t let that happen to you.
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Tis the season to discuss the things we are thankful for, not just as people, but as Giants fans. So without further ado, here are ten things Giants fans can be thankful for:

10. The San Diego Padres.

Sure, the Padres are showing signs of getting better and have pretty consistently bested the Giants over the last few years. However, in these last two seasons of really bad baseball, it was only the overall ineptitude of the Padres that kept the Giants from being a last place team, and for that, I thank them.

9. Gorkys Hernández and his 15 home runs

Look, it was a bad season and we had to find our joy where we could. And Gorkys going from zero home runs in 2017 to nearly leading the team in 2018 was a plot twist none of us expected. I appreciate that, and I appreciate him for providing some entertainment in a dreary season.

8. The Championship Era

Though the warm memories remain, time is marching farther and farther away from this era. More and more players who helped the team do it are retiring and soon we will only see them gathered for special ceremonies. So be thankful that you got to see such a bountiful period of Giants baseball. I know it’s easy to become gluttonous critics of the organization in a never ending quest for future success. But that same organization got us the best run of baseball in the San Francisco era, and I’m still thankful for that.

7. Quality relievers

It was a strange sensation to start to have a little bit of faith in the bullpen again. Not everyone, sure, but there were some quality options out of the pen for the majority of the season. And though they burned us now and again, overall it felt a little more likely that they could hold a lead than in the past two seasons (may we never talk about 2016 ever again).

Not only is that valuable in terms of less anxiety during a baseball game, but they could potentially also make valuable trade options, should the front office choose to go that route.

6. Lower ticket prices!

Aside from a few marquee giveaways this season, fans weren’t exactly lining up in huge amounts to see the team. Some mid-week night games were nearly empty, with fans able to find last minute ticket sales, for quality seats, being sold for less than $10 for some games. That’s enough savings to be able to afford to split a beer with three people!

5. Pablo Sandoval’s scoreless inning

It was the lone bright spot in a blowout loss to the Dodgers in game one of a double header. It was magnificent. It might have been the greatest moment of the 2018 season. It was so good, they are giving out a bobblehead in the 2019 season to commemorate it. Thank you, Pablo.

4. The Brandons

Despite ultimately having slightly disappointing seasons, the Brandons each had All-Star potential early on in the year. Though only one Brandon (Crawford) made it, there was at least an epic battle to try to get the other one (Belt) to go with him. Crawford, at times, was one of the best hitters in the game and Belt had some ridiculous stretches of his own. He was a home-run hitting fool early in the season and broke the record for most pitches in an at-bat in the Statcast era.

Also, we’re just thankful for the Brandons for being the Brandons. For their commercials, blog posts, social media snark and everything else that makes them so beloved by the fanbase.

3. The Dodgers did not win the World Series.

I mean, really, what more can you ask for in any season when the Giants also do not win the World Series?

2. Buster Posey

Buster Posey is a future Hall of Fame player who represents everything that has been great and wonderful about the last decade of Giants baseball and we still get to watch him play for the Giants. That’s worth being thankful for.

1. Farhan Zaidi

Although it’s good to appreciate the past, the future is now! Long live the future.