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Wednesday BP, 11/21/18

MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Kelby Tomlinson in a Diamondbacks uniform next season? It could happen. Now, you might be asking yourself, “What’s a nice boy like Kelby doing palling around with those boys on the Diamondbacks?”

I wonder a lot about player fits. Gregor Blanco seemed like an odd fit in an Arizona uniform. Brandon Belt would be an odd fit on the Mets. I’m an odd fit for managing editor here. You see what I mean?

Now, you can play this game with free agency. Who’s the weirdest fit out there? Manny Machado might be #1 for me... Evan Gattis and Brett Anderson are tied for #2.

Thing is, time has a good way of making those weird fits feel natural and it’s usually all thanks to that damn uniform. I am going to now try to tie this into tomorrow’s holiday by saying that is sort of how family works. At some point, the thing that brings us all together is the thing that all makes us fit together. That doesn’t mean that it’s always a comfortable fit, controversy-free, but it does make for some uniformity when you might not otherwise expect it.

So, tomorrow, if you happen to be sitting at a table with family members or even just all of your friends, then consider that any of the conflicts can be boiled down to, “Well, they’re just an odd fit for this team.” That doesn’t mean you have to like everything that comes out of their mouth or everything they make to eat, but just maybe, it will make it easier to see a frustrating person as just an Evan Gattis-type. Or some dodger brought over by Farhan.