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Weekend BP, 11/2-11/4/2018

St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

An earlier version of this post was a total mess, ruined by a wonky internet connection. This is just a refreshed post with new content. Not that it matters. None of you are reading this.

Kevin Cunningham spotted Carlos Beltran’s Halloween post on Instagram that saw his family dressed in every uniform he’s ever worn. Well, let me let the picture do the talking:

It’s marvelous and it shows how clever Carlos Beltran truly is, if Reddit commenter Donkeydorf is correct:

For the record, his 300th home run was the 59th Splash Hit:

Now, maybe you’re a bit insulted that the Giants only get a fish bowl, even if that fish bowl might possibly represent McCovey Cove but they were the team for which he played the fewest games of his career (44)!

Is it odd to be talking about Carlos Beltran while we’re still mourning the loss of Willie McCovey? I don’t think so. You want to talk about feared hitters, Beltran is a modern McCovey in that sense. Of course, Beltran didn’t put the fear of god in pitchers’ souls the way Willie McCovey did, nor did the sound of his contact permanently etch itself into the ears of those who experienced it, but if there’s one thing the memory of McCovey will always provide us, it’s the continuity of baseball history.

McCovey was a part of a cluster of uber-talented Alabama baseball players, Beltran represents the cream of Puerto Rico’s crop, along with Ivan Rodriguez (both from Manati, PR). Anyway, this was a convoluted way of twisting two things together. Instead, let’s just marvel at the coordination in the Beltran family Halloween costume.