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Monday BP, 11/19/18

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants have decided to install a new scoreboard for the 2019 season and you can see this tweet to get a glimpse of the process from late last week...

It never occurred to me that they needed a new one, but now that I see it is happening, it makes complete sense. You go to most other stadiums and the giant high def boards do a lot of work. The Giants’ has been mostly an advertising board.

If we were still dealing with the old regime, I’d wonder about all the various ways one scoreboard could show a player’s batting average, but with Farhan and co., maybe fans will be introduced to some new stuff like on base percentage and runs.

Of course, the biggest in-stadium upgrade will be the major league roster, and that concern seems to be one we’ll have to wait the longest on... but, I am optimistic we will start hearing news about a new general manager or farm director within the next couple of weeks and very soon after, in or around the Winter Meetings’ time, some transactional player news. Which would be great, because let’s face it, it has been very hard to get content up around here...

[8:33am update: we’ll be getting some real transactions, the first of Zaidi’s tenure, within the next 24 hours, actually, as the deadline to set the 40-man roster is tomorrow. I was thinking more about trades and free agent signings, but those aren’t the only kinds of moves a front office can make. Silly me. You can read about Roger’s predictions for who will be added and who might be left exposed to the Rule 5 Draft right here.]